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Tracking Email Opens and Unsubscribe Link Clicks in e-Campaign 17


1.   Set up your email tracking account

Sign up an email tracking account at TrackMsg.com.

In e-Campaign Version 17, click menu Tracking Service -> Tracking Account Setup

Then enter the username and password received from TrackMsg.com

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2.  Tracking Email Opens

To track email open, click menu "Tracking Service -> Track Email Opens" on the Message Composer.


3.   Track Unsubscribe Link Clicks

To insert an opt-out (unsubscribe) hyperlink, click menu "Tracking Service -> Insert Unsubscribe Link" on the Message Composer (see the above picture.)

You can edit the text between the marks [unsub] and [/unsub]. This text will be hyperlinked in the final email messages.


4.   How the unsubscribe link works?

When the recipient receives your email, it will look like this:


If he/she decides to unsubscribe, simply click at the link. And the recipient will be shown the following webpage:


Click at the "Confirm Unsubscribe" button. The whole unsubscribe process is completed.


5.  Access the email open and unsubscribe data

The collected unsubscribe (opt-out) email addresses will be automatically downloaded from TrackMsg.com servers by e-Campaign, and excluded from future mailing jobs.

To view the open and unsubscribe data, click menu "Tracking Service -> Manage Tracking Data" from the main window.

You will see the open and opt-out numbers and rates.


To view who read the message, double-click at the item in question.

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